About Us

Ethan Parker
Founder of Ambigram-Generator.com

I’ve always been a passionate tattoo enthusiast, with intricate designs that tell my story. That’s why I founded Ambigram-Generator.com. I saw the growing interest in ambigrams and wanted to offer a platform where anyone could craft their own personalized designs quickly and without any cost. When I’m not working on refining the site or exploring new tattoo inspirations, I cherish moments with my incredible wife and our two loyal dogs. My dedication to the art of tattoos and my commitment to providing this free resource are reflections of my personal journey and love for the craft.

Outside of the digital space, I often find myself at tattoo conventions and workshops across the country, always on the lookout to learn and share the latest in the world of ink. I deeply appreciate the artistry and symbolism behind tattoos, and many of my own are ambigrams, showcasing my passion for this unique art form. Through Ambigram-Generator.com, I hope to inspire you to see the beauty of ambigrams, whether you’re a fellow ink enthusiast or just curious about this fascinating design style.